Hi, I'm Roger An, and I'm an Independent Filmmaker & 3D Artist in the NYC area.  Radarsense.tv is my fanzine for reviewing my favorite stories.  

The site will include reviews of comics, tv shows, film, literature, articles, podcasts, and much more.  The common theme is a good narrative involving art and/or science that may have flown under your radar.  I will also share recipes, and reviews of well-made products.

I'm experimenting with funding the site's hosting through Amazon referral ads.  If you like a review, please click through the referral links!

I came up with the name for the site through Marvel Comic's Daredevil.  To me, his radar sense, was always a cool ability and visual.  I also felt that it spoke to echo-location of animals like bats and dolphins.  

Even some blind humans, too!  Here's a link to one of my favorite This American Life podcast episodes about Daniel Kish, who is blind and taught himself to navigate with the sound of his own clicks.  Also a great Buzzfeed video interviewing him: How a Blind Man Sees with Sound.

You can check out my own animation work on my website: