10/1/2016 by Roger An


I named this site after the comic book character, Daredevil's superpower:  radar sense.  I also felt radar sense evoked echolocation in animals such as bats, dolphins, and some humans!  I went online & searched for bat images, and created a composite image with various photos of Arizona's Pallid Bat in Photoshop.  From there my friend, Eleena Bakrie, took the reference composite, and sketched out outlines & shadows with a Wacom Cintiq in Photoshop.  If you need any animation/design work, & see really great motion design pieces, you should check out Eleena's portfolio site.  I finished the image off, by bringing the raster files into Adobe Illustrator, and tracing Eleena's raster line art.  Hoping to have some merchandise, like t-shirts in the near future!  Stay tuned.